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Fauvel, Charles Adolphe Albert

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Charles Adolphe Albert Fauvel was born in Caën, France, in 1840 and died there on January 4, 1921. A lawyer by profession, he was a prolific describer of insects, founding the journal “Revue d’ Entomologie” as an outlet for many of his works. By 1900, under the name Albert Fauvel, he had published at least 246 papers, mostly on Coleoptera, and on Staphylinidae in particular. His major book was “Faune gallo-rhénane,” in several volumes, which, unfortunately, was never completed. Other major works are on the staphylinid faunas of northwestern Africa, Australia and Polynesia, the Moluccas and New Guinea, and New Caledonia, material for which he obtained from collectors in those areas. In 1910, he abruptly stopped publication of Revue d’ Entomologie, withdrew from scientific contacts, and remained secluded until his death. He described 96 genera and 1,851 species of Staphylinidae. His collection is now in the Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belgique.


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