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Fairmaire, Léon

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Léon Fairmaire was born in Paris on June 20, 1820. He received training in law, but the 1848 war ruined his family financially, so he became a public servant, eventually retiring as a hospital administrator. He became an active member of the Société Entomologique de France, was president, and honorary president from 1893 to 1906. Most of his very numerous publications (more than 450) contained unintegrated species descriptions of beetles, not just from Europe but from worldwide localities. However, with Laboulbène he published in 1854 the Coleoptera section of “Faune entomologique française,” which was a major analytical work. He collaborated with Jacquelin du Val in “Genera des coléoptères d’ Europe” and with Germain in “Coléoptères du Chili.” His collection is housed at the Muséum National d’ Histoire Naturelle in Paris. He died in Paris on April 1, 1906.


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