Anatomy in Ancient India

  • Lakshmi Rajgopal
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“In India I found a race of mortals living upon the earth but not adhering to it; inhabiting cities but not being fixed to them; possessing everything yet possessed by nothing. Apollonius Tyanaeus (Greek thinker and traveller, first century AD)”.

The history of India is both fascinating and daunting. The geographical terrain of Bharat (Hindustan), as India was known then, extended far beyond the boundaries of India as they exist now. It is this region that cradled a civilisation in the Indus valley about 5,000 years ago, evidence of which is amply found in Harappa, Mohenjo‐daro, Lothal (Gujarat) and other places. There is evidence that ancient Hindus practiced science, especially medical science; they were adept in practical anatomy and knew how to apply anatomical knowledge to the practice of surgery.

Prehistoric Period

The history of medicine in India can be divided into two broad periods. The prehistoric period ranges from the Stone Age to the beginning of written history. This...
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