Agroforestry: Systems with Animals and Grasses

  • Harold Olofson
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Silvipasture is an agroecosystem which involves a necessarily precise combination of forest trees, livestock, and selected grasses.

It is difficult to locate references on indigenous communities which have achieved the combination of forest‐grazing consciously involving silviculture. For example, one would not expect to find this among pastoralists, who have in the course of cultural evolution branched off from a way of agricultural life involving both domesticated animals and plants to concentrate on domestic animals alone – full‐time pastoralists are not usually planters. They are known to graze their animals among forest trees, and to use those trees for shade for their livestock, but it is difficult to find reference to their actually having planted those trees. This type of agroforestry appears to be a very recent conception.

If they can be accepted as a people who are now, in this day, “indigenous” to their homeland, some nth‐generation Caucasian New Zealanders are a...
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