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˓Alī ibn Sulaymān al‐Hāshimī flourished some time in the second half of the ninth century, probably somewhere in the central lands of Islam. Virtually nothing is known about him other than the fact that he wrote a rather uncritical work on zījes (astronomical handbooks) that nevertheless preserves a great deal of otherwise unknown or little known information. This book, Kitāb fi ˓ilal al‐zījāt (Explanation of Zījes), was written at a time before Ptolemaic astronomy had become the dominant astronomical tradition in Eastern Islam. As such, it contains considerable material about the Indian and Persian astronomical traditions, at least insofar as they were received and preserved during this early period of Islamic science.

Hāshimī mentions some sixteen zījes, of which two are Greek (Ptolemy's Almagest and Theon's Canon, which is based upon it); seven are Indian or derived mainly from Indian sources (the Arjabhar, the Zīj al‐Arkand, the Zīj al‐Jāmi˓, the Zīj al‐Hazūr, the Zīj al‐Sindhind...

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