Acyuta Piṣāraṭi

  • K. V. Sarma
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Acyuta Piṣāraṭi (ca. 1550–1621), author of over ten texts, was an astronomer from Kerala in South India. It was he who enunciated, for the first time in Indian astronomy, the planetary correction called “reduction to the ecliptic” (the band of the zodiac through which the Sun apparently moves in its yearly course), in his work Sphuṭanirṇaya (Determination of True Planets), composed before 1593, which was later expanded into a full‐fledged tract called Rāśigolasphuṭānīti (True Longitude Computation of the Sphere of the Zodiac).

Acyuta was popularly known as Tṛ‐k‐kaṇ tiyūr Acyuta Pisāraṭi. The first term indicated his birthplace, Kundapura, and the last the sect of Kerala temple functionaries to which he belonged. He was the pupil of Jyeṣṭhadeva, author of Yuktibhāṣā, an elaborate treatise on mathematical and astronomical rationale. He was a protégé of Ravivarmaṇ, King of Veṭṭaṭṭunāṭu in Kerala and the teacher of the poet and grammarian Nàrāyaṇa Bhaṭṭatiri of Melputtūr. Apart from one...

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