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Al‐Majrīṭī Abū‐l āsim Maslama ibn Aḥmad al‐Faraḍī was born in Madrid, Spain in the second half of the tenth century and died in Cordoba ca. AD 1007. He settled early in Cordoba where he studied with Abū Ayyūb ibn ˓Abd al‐Gāfir ibn Muḥammad and Abū Bakr ibn Abī ˓Īsà. He was engaged in making astronomical observations in about AD 979; he may have served as court astrologer.

He had a number of disciples who made his work known throughout the provinces of Spain. Among them were al‐Kirmānī (d. AD 1066); Abū‐l‐Qāsim Aṣbagh, known as Ibn al‐Samḥ (d. AD 1035) who is the author of a treatise on the construction and use of the astrolabe in 130 chapters and of the Book of the Plates of the Seven Planets, of which the original Arabic version is lost. [However, it was translated into Spanish and included in the Libros del Saber de Astronomía;] Abū‐1‐Qāsim Aḥmad known as Ibn al‐ṣaffār (d. AD 1034), who is the author of a treatise on the astrolabe attributed in its Latin version to al‐Majrīṭī; Ibn...

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