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Al‐Farghānī, Abu‐l‐˓Abbas Aḥmad ibn Muḥammad ibn Kathīr was born in Farghana, Transoxania and died in Egypt, ca. 850. He was a famous astronomer during the time of the ˓Abbasid caliph al‐Ma˒mūn and a contemporary of al‐Khwārizmī, al‐Marwarudhī, al‐Jawharī, and Yaḥya ibn Abi‐Manṣūr. He was well known in the Latin Middle Ages under the name of Alfraganus, thanks principally to his widely read book, Compilatio astronomica (also called Liber 30 differentiarum, Book of the 30 Chapters), which is a summary of Ptolemy's Almagest. The work still survives in Arabic under the following titles: Jawāmi˓ ˓ilm al‐nujūm wa'l‐ḥarakāt al‐samāwiyya, Uṣūl ˓ilm al‐nujūm, ˓llal al‐aflāk, and Kitāb al‐fuṣūl al‐thalāthīn. The Jawāmi˓ (sometimes translated as Elements) provided the medieval reader with a rather comprehensive account of Ptolemy's astronomy through a well‐organized, accessible, and nonmathematical presentation. The work was translated into Latin at least twice in the twelfth century: by John...

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