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Abū'l‐Wafā˒ al‐Būzjānī, Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad ibn Yaḥyā ibn Ismā˓īl ibn al‐'Abbās, was born in Būzjān (now in Iran) on 10 June 940. After he moved to Baghdad in 959, he wrote important works on arithmetic, trigonometry, and astronomy.

Abū'l‐Wafā˒ provided new solutions to many problems in spherical trigonometry and computed trigonometric tables with an accuracy that had not been achieved until his time. He made astronomical observations and assisted at observations in the garden of the palace of Sharaf al‐Dawla. Finally, he wrote two astronomical handbooks, the Wāḍiḥ Zīj and al‐Majisṭī (Almagest). More information about Abū'l‐Wafā˒'s tables must be obtained from zījes that have incorporated material from his works, such as the Baghdādī Zīj, compiled shortly before the year 1285 by Jamāl al‐Dīn al‐Baghdādī. A solar equation table attributed to Abū'l‐Wafā˒ occurs in it.

Several later zījesincorporate Abū'l‐Wafā˒'s mean motion parameters. Various sine and cotangent values which he gave...

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