Taqī Al‐Dīn

  • Sevim Tekeli
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Taqī al‐Dīn, Muḥammad al‐Rāṣid ibn Ma˓rūf, was a mathematician and astronomer. He was born in Damascus in 1521 and died in about 1585. He wrote several books on mathematics, astronomy, optics, and theology.

The most important of his books are: Jabr wa'l‐Muqābala (Algebra), Bughyat al‐Ṭullāb min ˓ilm al‐Ḥisāb (The Desire of Students for Arithmetic), Sidrat al‐Muntahā fī al‐Afkār (The Nabk Tree of the Extremity of Thoughts), and Ālāt‐i Raṣdīya li Zīj‐i Shāhinshāhīya (Observational Instruments of the Emperor's Catalogue), Al‐Kawākib al‐Durrīya fī Bengamāt al‐Dawrīya (The Brightest Stars for the Construction of Mechanical Clocks).

From the point of view of the history of Ottoman science, the most important event of the sixteenth century was the foundation of the Istanbul Observatory, which Taqī founded under the sponsorship of Murād III (1574–1595). This observatory was an elaborate building which contained dwelling places, a library, and offices for the astronomers. It was conceived as...

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