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Jamu is the Indonesian and Malay term for indigenous pharmaceuticals made from fresh or dried medicinal herbs. These medicines are popular among the ethnic Malays in the whole Malayan Archipelago (Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, and Indonesia). It is assumed that jamu originates from the Javanese principal courts. On the other hand there are different local recipes and ways of preparation with an old tradition, which contribute to the idea of a common popular knowledge.

Jamu can be an infusion of herbs, a mixture of fresh, dried or dried and powdered medicinal plants, and even an extract of herbs. It can be made of a single plant, but mostly it is a composition of up to 40 different ones. Today jamu is sold in the form of powder, tablets, pills, tonics, and capsules for internal use; and in the form of ointments, oils, tonics, or compresses for external use. The powdered jamuare packed in individual portions, which are then sold in nearly every small shop across Indonesia....

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