Encyclopedia of Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism

2007 Edition
| Editors: David Gubbins, Emilio Herrero-Bervera

Magnetization, Thermoremanent

  • Özden Özdemir
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Thermoremanent magnetization (TRM) is acquired when magnetic minerals cool in a weak magnetic field H from above their Curie temperatures. TRM is the most important remanent magnetization used in paleomagnetism. It is almost always close to parallel to the field which produced it, and its intensity is proportional to the strength of the field for weak fields like the Earth's. The TRM of rocks is therefore a vast storehouse of recorded information about past movements of the Earth's lithospheric plates and the history of the geomagnetic field.

The primary natural remanent magnetization of an igneous rock or a high‐grade metamorphic rock is a TRM. Newly erupted seafloor lavas at mid‐ocean ridges acquire an intense TRM on cooling below the Curie temperature TC. Rapid cooling also results in fine grain size, which makes the TRM highly stable, so that oceanic basalts are excellent recorders of the paleomagnetic field. However, the TRM is largely replaced within at most a...

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