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| Editors: Lars Bengtsson, Reginald W. Herschy, Rhodes W. Fairbridge

World Lake Vision

  • Reginald W. Herschy
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Concept of the World Lake Vision

The concept and necessity for the World Lake Vision (WLV) was developed by the Scientific Committee of the International Lake Environment Committee Foundation (ILEC, website: www.ilec.or.jp) at the second World Water Forum, which was held in The Hague, the Netherlands, in 2000.

The WLV was subsequently developed during 2000–2003 as a cooperative effort initiated by the ILEC, and was unveiled at the third World Water Forum, held in Shiga, Japan in March 2003.

Prepared during 2006–2007, the World Lake Vision Action Report (WLVAR) was published in 2007, as to follow-up to the implementation of the World Lake Vision.

The WLV has been accepted around the world as the guidebook for lake management, with the original English version having already been translated into eight different languages.

The earth’s freshwater

The WLV points out that only about 2% of the earth’s water is freshwater, and even most of it being locked up in the form of icebergs and...

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Acknowledgment is made to Dr. S. Matsumoto ILEC, Secretariat to WLV Action Report, and to Prof. Walter Rast, wr10@txstate.edu WLV & WLVAR, for kindly amending and editing this entry.


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