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Composite volcano; Stratocone


A volcanic construct, built up into the form of a tall mountain over thousands to hundreds of thousands of years by accumulation of successive layers (=strata) of lava, pyroclastic deposits (from explosive eruptions), and related mass-flow deposits (Davidson and DeSilva, 2000; Schmincke, 2004). In their simplest form, these are conical-shaped mountains with steep upper slopes curving gradually down into low-sloping outer flanks (Figure  1). Older examples may show complex morphologies with irregular edifices being scarred by several generations of partial collapses (Figure  2). Their wide bases pass outward into overlapping fans of volcano-sedimentary deposits that may join to form a radiating ring-plain around the edifice (Cotton, 1944). Stratovolcanoes may vary greatly in volume between 10 and 500 km 3, with surrounding ringplains containing up to 80% of the erupted volume of long-lived examples (Zernack et al., 2009).
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