Encyclopedia of Natural Hazards

2013 Edition
| Editors: Peter T. Bobrowsky

Risk Assessment

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Risk analysis; Risk analysis process; Risk qualification; Risk quantification


Risk assessment is a process of comprehending the nature of risk and determining its level. The risk is assessed by analyzing the potential hazards and evaluating the conditions of vulnerability of the elements potentially at risk from these hazards, including exposed people, property, services and infrastructure, livelihood, culture, quality of life, environment, and even potential loss of reputation.

Risk assessment

To determine the nature and extent of the risk, the risk assessment methodology includes: (1) the analysis of the characteristics of the hazard(s) such as location, intensity, frequency, and probability of occurrence, and (2) the analysis of exposure and vulnerability including the physical, social, health, economical, environmental, and perception dimensions and the assessment of the coping capacities to likely scenarios of occurrence.

Risk is obtained from the probability...
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