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2009 Edition
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Face Recognition, Thermal

  • George Bebis
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 Face Recognition, Thermal Infrared


The human face emits thermal radiation which can be sensed by imaging sensors (i.e., thermal cameras) that are sensitive in the thermal infrared (IR) band of the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum. Temperature variations on the surface of the face produce a heat pattern, called a  thermogram, which can be visualized as a 2D image (i.e., thermal image). Due to the presence of highly distinctive and permanent physiological characteristics under the facial skin, thermograms contain important information which can be exploited for face recognition.


Considerable progress has been made in face recognition over the last decade [1], however, face recognition technology is not accurate or robust enough to be deployed in uncontrolled environments, for example, protecting high value assets (e.g. perimeter of government buildings) from asymmetric (i.e., terrorist) threats. Human facial signatures vary significantly across races in the...

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