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2009 Edition
| Editors: Stan Z. Li, Anil Jain

Fingerprint Compression

  • Nigel M. Allinson
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Fingerprint Image Compression


Image files can be reduced in size by exploiting either more optimized data representation and not compromising the faithful recovery of the source image - lossless compression, or permitting recovery to within some distortion criteria - lossy compression. Fingerprint images are relatively large detailed images, and their compression can alleviate operational problems of transmission and storage.


Fingerprint images, whether prints obtained directly from live subjects or forensically recovered latents, are normally recorded at 500 dots or pixels per inch (ppi) resolution with an 8-bit grayscale, though there is an increasing tendency to use a higher resolution of 1,000 ppi that permits accurate rendering of individual sweat pores along the ridge lines. A single digit print has a minimum area of about 20 mm × 15 mm, which yields a raw image of about 120 kB; while a tenprint record card (full set of individual slaps, rolls, and...

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