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2009 Edition
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Fingerprint Features

  • Josef Bigun
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Fingerprint features are parameters in epidermis images of a fingertip (the fingerprint) that can be utilized to extract information which is exclusively specific to a unique person. These parameters can be measured by computational techniques applied to a digital image obtained by a fingerprint sensing method, e.g., using live optical or solid-state scanners, and digitizing ink-rolled or latent fingerprint images. Such identity characterizing parameters include one or more specifics of ridge–valley direction and frequency, minutiae, and singular points. The fingerprint features should be reproducible and resilient to variation in the face of external factors such as aging, scars, wear, humidity, and method of collection.


Fingerprints consist of ridges alternating with valleys that mostly run in parallel but also change direction smoothly or may terminate abruptly. Other...

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