Encyclopedia of Biometrics

2009 Edition
| Editors: Stan Z. Li, Anil Jain

Fusion, Sensor-Level

  • Afzel Noore
  • Richa Singh
  • Mayank Vasta
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Sensor level fusion combines raw biometric information that can account for inter-class and intra-class variability and facilitate decision making based on the fused raw information. A typical sensor level fusion algorithm first integrates raw biometric data either obtained from different viewpoints (for example, mosaicing several fingerprint impressions) or obtained from different sensors (for example, multimodal biometric images). The integrated data is then processed and discriminatory biometric features are extracted for matching. This level of fusion can be operated in both verification and  identification modes. Few examples of sensor level fusion are: fingerprint mosaicing, multi-spectral face image fusion, and multimodal biometric image fusion.


The concept of biometric information fusion is motivated from classical multi-classifier systems that combine information from different sources and represent...
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