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Encyclopedia of Database Systems

pp 15-18

Access Control Policy Languages

  • Athena VakaliAffiliated withAristotle University


Authorization policy languages


An access control policy language is a particular set of grammar, syntax rules (logical and mathematical), and operators which provides an abstraction-layer for access control policy specifications. Such languages combine individual rules into a single policy set, which is the basis for (user/subject) authorization decisions on accessing content (object) stored in various information resources. The operators of an access control policy language are used on attributes of the subject, resource (object), and their underlying application framework to facilitate identifying the policy that (most appropriately) applies to a given action.

Historical Background

The evolution of access control policy languages is inline with the evolving large-scale highly distributed information systems and the Internet, which turned the tasks of authorizing and controlling of accessing on a global enterprise (or on Internet) ...

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