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Encyclopedia of Database Systems

pp 2273-2278

Query Optimization (in Relational Databases)

  • Thomas NeumannAffiliated withMax-Planck Institute for Informatics


Query compilation


Database queries are given in declarative languages, typically SQL. The goal of query optimization is to choose the best execution strategy for a given query under the given resource constraints. While the query specifies the user intent (i.e., the desired output), it does not specify how the output should be produced. This allows for optimization decisions, and for many queries there is a wide range of possible execution strategies, which can differ greatly in their resulting performance. This renders query optimization an important step during query processing.

Historical Background

One of the first papers to discuss query optimization in relational database systems was the seminal System R paper [2]. It introduced a dynamic programming algorithm for optimizing the join order, and coined the concept of interesting orders for exploiting available orderings. Later approaches increased the set of optimized operators ...

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