Encyclopedia of Database Systems

2009 Edition

Disaster Recovery

  • Kenichi Wada
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The recovery of necessary data, access to that data, and associated processing through a comprehensive process in which a redundant site (including both equipment and work space) is set up, and operations are recovered to enable business operations to continue after a loss of all or part of a data center by disaster including fire, earthquake, hurricane, flood, terrorism and power grid failure. Such a recovery involves not only an essential set of data but also all the hardware and software needed to continue processing of the data.

Key Points

Disaster recovery should be a key focus of an organization’s business continuity plan in case of disaster the following are key metrics:

RPO (Recovery Point Objective): The maximum acceptable time period prior to a failure or disaster during which changes to data may be lost as consequence of recovery. At a minimum, all data changes that occur before this period preceding the failure or disaster will be available after data recovery....

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