Encyclopedia of Database Systems

2009 Edition


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Replication (or data replication) is the process to make copy of a collection of data. Copied data made by replication is referred as replica (or data replica).

Replication can be categorized by data type to be copied. Most DBMSs support database replication for high availability or parallel transaction processing. Some filesystems support filesystem replication for high availability or workload distribution. Filesystem replication is commonly used in distributed filesystems. Volume replication can be processed by Logical Volume Manager, Filesystem or Storage system.

Most replication techniques try to keep replicas consistent and updated so that in case of system failures, the replica can be used to recover from the failure with minimal data loss.

Key Points

During data replication, original data is usually copied on an ongoing basis. The goal of this data replication is to provide high availability. There are two types of data...

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