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Encyclopedia of Database Systems

pp 2802-2806

Storage Management

  • Hiroshi YoshidaAffiliated withFujitsu Limited


The methods and tools used to manage storage devices (disk arrays, tape libraries, etc.), storage networking devices (fiber channel switches, etc.), storage-related components inside servers (host bus adaptors, etc.), and logical objects mapped on those devices (logical units, access paths, etc.). In general, the scope of storage management is limited to the management of storage infrastructure and does not handle the data stored in the infrastructure. The functions of storage management include device management, performance management, and problem management. Those functions are usually provided as software tools.

Historical Background

Storage management technologies have developed in parallel with the evolution of storage networking.

In the early 1990s, storage devices were used as DAS devices. Even in a DAS environment, storage management functions such as storage device management were required, and those functions were provided as dedicated s ...

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