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Maunder, Edward Walter

  • Richard Baum
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BornLondon, England, 12 April 1851

DiedLondon, England, 21 March 1928

Walter Maunder is chiefly remembered for his work in the field of solar studies. His plot of the latitude drift of sunspots is known as the Maunder butterfly diagram. The lapse in sunspot numbers during the interval from 1645 to 1715, which he investigated, has been termed the Maunder minimum.

The youngest of three sons of the Reverend George Maunder, a Wesleyan minister, Maunder's basic education was acquired at the school attached to University College in Gower Street, London, and supplemented with additional courses at King's College, London. He worked briefly in a City of London bank before taking the first‐ever examination set by the British Civil Service Commissioners (1872), designed to fill vacancies created at the Royal Greenwich Observatory. With his appointment as photographic and spectroscopic assistant in 1873, the observatory entered the realm of astrophysics, or the New Astronomy, as it was called...

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