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2007 Edition
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Manfredi, Eustachio

  • Fabrizio Bònoli
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BornBologna, (Italy), 20 September 1674

DiedBologna, (Italy), 15 February 1739

Eustachio Manfredi, a skilled observer of the heavens, a geographer, and a geodesist, oversaw the restoration and continued development of astronomy in Italy following the departure of Giovanni Cassini to Paris.

The son of Alfonso Manfredi, a notary from Lugo di Romagna, and Anna Maria Fiorini, Eustachio was the eldest of a family of scholars devoted to science and mathematics. Manfredi completed his early studies at the Jesuit school in Bologna, focusing on philosophy. In 1692, he graduated with a degree in civil and canon law, but never practiced. At Bologna, Manfredi studied mathematics and hydraulics with Domenico Guglielmini, and together with his childhood friend Vittorio Francesco Stancari, he became interested in astronomy.

After Cassini left for Paris and Geminiano Montanarifor Padua, Italian astronomy in universities faded. Lecturers focused mainly on hydraulics and the science of numbers,...

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