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Malmquist, Karl Gunnar

  • Gary A. Wegner
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BornYstad, Sweden, 2 February 1893

DiedUppsala, Sweden, 27 June 1982

Swedish astronomer (Karl) Gunnar Malmquist is eponymized in the Malmquist bias, the idea that a sample of distant objects will inevitably be dominated by the brightest ones, compared to a sample of nearby objects. He wrote down very useful equations for correcting this bias in the early 1920s, although the basic idea was already implicit in earlier work by Jacobus Kapteyn.

Malmquist was the son of Emil Vilhelm and Anne Alfrida (née Persson) Malmquist. By his first wife, Hanna Karola Gertrud Ingeborg (née Lundvall), he had two sons, Sten (a professor of statistics at Stockholm University) and Olle (a medical doctor). Hanna died in about 1951, and a second late marriage to Lisa Malmquist was childless.

Malmquist studied under Carl Charlierat the Lund Observatory where he developed methods of mathematical statistics for the analysis of astronomical data, receiving his Ph.D. in 1921. He moved to the Stockholm...

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