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FlourishedKāśī (Vārānasī, Uttar Pradesh, India), 1478

Makaranda, surnamed Ānandakanda, computed many tables of astronomical phenomena that he published in very useful forms. A reputed astronomer of Kāśī in North India, the hub of intellectual activity in India during medieval times, Makaranda was a follower of the Saura School, one of four principal schools of Hindu astronomy active during the classical period (late 5th to 12th centuries).

Makaranda's work, known simply as Makaranda , is an extensive treatise containing many astronomical tables that enable one to read the dates and times of different celestial phenomena. The tables span a large number of years after 1478, when they were commenced. The astronomical phenomena covered by Makaranda are tithis or lunar days, nakṣatras, or asterisms, yogas marking complementary positions of the Sun and Moon, sam‐ krāntis, or the times of entry of the Sun into the zodiacal signs, the mean motions of the planets and their anomalies, the...

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