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The Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers

pp 715-716

Lundmark, Knut Emil

  • Pekka Teerikorpi

BornÄlfsby, Sweden, 14 July 1889

DiedLund, Sweden, 23 April 1958

Swedish astronomer Knut Lundmark is best remembered for having been the first to propose Crab Nebula as the remnant of the 1054 guest star (supernova) on the basis of its location, quite close to that given in translated Chinese records. He also almost discovered what is now called Hubble's law. Lundmark was the son of Johann August Lundmark (1848–1896) and Lovisa Eriksdotter (1852–1939) and married Birgit Lundmark (1886–1974) with whom he is buried in the churchyard in Älfsby.

Lundmark began studies at the University of Uppsala in 1908, receiving a first degree in 1912 and a doctorate in 1920 for a thesis, carried out under Östen Bergstrand, on methods of distance measurement in astronomy, including the apparent diameters and apparent brightnesses of nebulae, individual very bright stars, and nova explosions, and calibrating these on known events in the Milky Way. He derived a distanc ...

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