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Flourished(Rajasthan, India), 1055–1058

Daśabala, who styled himself as a Bodhisattva, was a Buddhist astronomer who flourished in the 11th century. From statements made by him in his works, we learn that he was the son of Virocana of the Kāyastha class and of the Valabha clan. He eulogized King Bhoja of the Paramāra dynasty of Rajasthan who was a major patron of contemporary scholars.

Daśabala was the author of two works: the Cintāmaṇisāraṇikā (1055) and a larger treatise, the Karaṇakamalamārtaṇḍa (1058). These reveal Daśabala to be a follower of the Brāhma School, one of four principal schools of Hindu astronomy during the classical period (late 5th to 12th centuries). Both texts proved extremely useful for making astronomical computations and were couched in verse form for easy memorization of the rules.

The Cintāmaṇisāraṇikāis divided into six sections, and formulates tables for the daily correction of positions of the Sun and Moon, for the equation of time, and for other...

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