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Proctor, Richard Anthony

  • Richard Baum
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BornChelsea, (London), England, 23 March 1837

DiedNew York, New York, USA, 12 September 1888

Richard Proctor was principally an expositor of science, especially astronomy. He wrote prodigiously on the latter topic, and gained considerable fame through his articles and books. In 1854, Proctor worked as a clerk in the London Joint Stock Bank. A year later, he enrolled at King's College, London, where he studied theology and mathematics. Proctor graduated in 1860 from St. John's College, Cambridge, as 23rd Wrangler. That year he also married his first wife, Mary Mills.

“A few months after leaving Cambridge,” Proctor tells us, “in my quiet home at Ayr, free of all anxieties about maintenance (for I had inherited ample means), I began in a very modest and quiet way the study of some astronomical matters, to which my attention had been attracted by two books picked up at a book stall in...

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