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Proctor, Mary

  • Patrick Moore
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BornDublin, Ireland, 1862

Diedprobably London, England, 1957

Mary Proctor never became a professional astronomer, but was widely known for numerous articles and books on the subject.

Proctor was the daughter of Richard Proctor and his first wife, Mary (née Mills) Proctor. Mary's father was a well‐known astronomer, lecturer, and writer, born in London and a graduate of Saint John's College, Cambridge. It was from him that Mary acquired her astronomical knowledge and her love for writing. From an early age, she took pride in the care of his library; as a young woman, she arranged his letters and corrected the galley proofs of his books. She graduated from the College of Preceptors at London in 1898.

Proctor's mother died in 1879. When her father remarried in 1881, the Proctor family immigrated to America and settled in Saint Joseph, Missouri. Proctor studied writing and assisted her father in the production of a new journal, Knowledge, which he founded and edited that same year....

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