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Pouillet, Claude‐Servais‐Mathias‐Marie‐Roland

  • Françoise Launay
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BornCusance, (Doubs), France, 16 February 1790

DiedParis, France, 13 June 1868

Mathias Pouillet (the name by which he was known) provided the first precise measurements of solar radiation, which he performed with instruments of his own design. Pouillet was the second of ten children of Ignace Denis Pouillet, a papermaker, and of Marie Françoise Rolland. He is said to have attended the lycée of Besançon, before he went to the collège of Tonnerre (Yonne), where he spent 2 years as a teacher of mathematics and where he received his baccalauréatit in 1811. Pouillet then became a student at the École Normale Supérieure, Paris from 1811 to 1813, where he earned his licence ès sciences, and he stayed on there as a tutor until 1815, subsequently becoming a maître de conférences in physics in the same establishment until 1822. In the meantime, he had earned the agrégation pour les sciences...

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