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Poretsky, Platon Sergeevich

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BornElizavetgrad (Kirovograd, Russia), 15 October 1846

DiedZhoved, (Chernigov Guberniya), Russia, 22 August 1907

Platon Poretsky was a Russian mathematician and astronomer who developed a strong interest in mathematical logic. Poretsky, son of an army doctor, graduated from the department of physics and mathematics at Kharkov University. In 1870, he was awarded a fellowship by the department of astronomy and worked as an astronomer at the Kharkov Observatory. In 1876, Poretsky moved to Kazan University, where he was appointed its chief astronomical observer. There, he conducted meridian observations of stars in a zone assigned to the Kazan Observatory and published two volumes on the results.

In 1886, Poretsky defended a master's thesis that addressed the nature of errors associated with the observatory's meridian circle. Its theoretical part dealt with reducing the number of equations and unknowns in systems of cyclical equations relating to practical astronomy. But by a decision...

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