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Poczobut, Marcin [Martin Poczobutt]

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BornSlomiank, (Lithuania), 30 October 1728

DiedDaugavpils, (Latvia), 17 November 1810

Lithuanian astronomer Marcin Poczobut directed the astronomical observatory at Vilnius University and contributed to the refinement of cartography in Eastern Europe. He was born in the Gardinas region of Lithuania. His father, Kazimier Odlanicki Poczobut, came from a noble family once promoted to bojar by King Sigismund I in 1536. His mother was Helena Hlebowicz.

Poczobut became a Jesuit in 1745 and followed that society's tenets until it was banned in 1773. After his graduation from Vilnius University in 1751, he continued studies of Greek, Latin, and mathematics at Prague University. He studied next in France and Italy from 1761 to 1763, where he acquired much of his knowledge of mathematics and astronomy. Upon returning to his homeland, Poczobut was appointed professor of mathematics and astronomy (1764) and later rector of Vilnius University (1780–1799). As third director of the university's...

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