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Plummer, Henry Crozier Keating

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BornOxford, England, 24 October 1875

DiedOxford, England, 30 September 1946

Henry Plummer, who served as Andrews Professor of Astronomy and Astronomer Royal of Ireland, conducted valuable research on variable stars and stellar motions. He is commemorated in Plummer models for the distribution of stars in globular clusters and other spheroidal systems. Plummer was the eldest son of William Edward Plummer, an astronomer and then senior assistant at the Oxford University Observatory, and Sara Crozier. The elder Plummer later became director of the Observatory of the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board and reader in astronomy at the University of Liverpool. Henry Plummer's education began at Saint Edmund's School, Oxford, and continued at Hertford College under a scholarship. He took first class honors in Mathematical Moderations and Finals, as well as the Open Mathematical Scholarship and a second class in Final Honours School of Natural Science (physics). Plummer then spent a year as a...

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