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Similarity Measures

  • Michail Vlachos
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The term similarity measure refers to a function that is used for comparing objects of any type. The objects can be data structures, database records, or even multimedia objects (audio, video, etc.). Therefore, the input of a similarity measure is two objects and the output is, in general, a number between 0 and 1; “zero” meaning that the objects are completely dissimilar and “one” signifying that the two objects are identical. Similarity is related to distance, which is the inverse of similarity. That is, a similarity of 1 implies a distance of 0 between two objects.

Motivation and Background

Similarity measures are typically used for quantifying the affinity between objects in search operations, where the user presents an object (query) and requests other objects “similar” to the given query. Therefore, a similarity measure is a mathematical abstraction for comparing objects, assigning a single...

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