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Compressed Text Indexing

2005; Ferragina, Manzini

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Keywords and Synonyms

Space-efficient text indexing; Compressed full-text indexing; Self-indexing

Problem Definition

Given a text string \( { T = t_1 t_2 \dots t_n } \) over an alphabet Σ of size σ, the compressed text indexing (CTI) problem asks to replace T with a space-efficient data structure capable of efficiently answering basic string matching and substring queries on T. Typical queries required from such an index are the following:

  • \( { count(P) } \): count how many times a given pattern string \( { P = p_1 p_2 \dots p_m } \) occurs in T.

  • \( { locate(P) } \): return the locations where P occurs in T.

  • display(i, j): return \( { T[i,j] } \).

Key Results

An elegant solution to the problem is obtained by exploiting the connection of Burrows-Wheeler Transform (BWT) [1] and Suffix Array data structure [9]. The suffix array \( { SA[1,n] } \) of T is the permutation of text positions \( { (1 \dots n) } \) listing the suffixes \( { T[i,n] } \) in lexicographic order. That is, \( {...


  • Suffix Array
  • Wavelet Tree
  • Text Position
  • Global Query
  • Database Scenario

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