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FPGA Technology Mapping

1992; Cong, Ding
  • Jason Cong
  • Yuzheng Ding
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Keywords and Synonyms

Lookup-Table Mapping ; LUT Mapping ; FlowMap        

Problem Definition


Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) is a type of integrated circuit (IC) device that can be (re)programmed to implement custom logic functions. A majority of FPGA devices use lookup-table (LUT) as the basic logic element, where a LUT of K logic inputs (K-LUT) can implement any Boolean function of up to K variables. An FPGA also contains other logic elements, such as registers, programmable interconnect resources, and input/output resources [5].

The programming of an FPGA involves the transformation of a logic design into a form suitable for implementation on the target FPGA device. This generally takes multiple steps. For LUT based FPGAs, technology mapping is to transform a general Boolean logic network (obtained from the design specification through earlier transformations) into a functional equivalent K-LUT network that can be implemented by the target FPGA device. The...

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  • Yuzheng Ding
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  2. 2.Synopsys Inc.Mountain ViewUSA