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Floorplan and Placement

1994; Kajitani, Nakatake, Murata, Fujiyoshi
  • Yoji Kajitani
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Keywords and Synonyms

Layout ; Alignment ; Packing; Dissection

Problem Definition

The problem is concerned with efficient coding of the constraint that defines the placement of objects on a plane without mutual overlapping. This has numerous motivations, especially in the design automation of integrated semiconductor chips, where almost hundreds of millions of rectangular modules shall be placed within a small rectangular area (chip). Until 1994, the only known coding efficient in computer aided design was Polish‐Expression [1]. However, this can only handle a limited class of placements of the slicing structure. In 1994 Nakatake, Fujiyoshi, Murata, and Kajitani [2], and Murata, Fujiyoshi, Nakatake, and Kajitani [3] were finally successful to answer this longstanding problem in two contrasting ways. Their code names are Bounded‐Sliceline-Grid (BSG) for floorplanning and Sequence-Pair (SP) for placement.         


1. Floorplanning, placement, compaction, packing, layout:Often...


Layout Problem Area Placement Simple Data Structure Analog Circuit Design Nonoverlapping Constraint 
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