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False-Name-Proof Auction

2004; Yokoo, Sakurai, Matsubara
  • Makoto Yokoo
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Keywords and Synonyms

False-name-proof auctions; Pseudonymous bidding ; Robustness against false-name bids      

Problem Definition

In Internet auctions, it is easy for a bidder to submit multiple bids under multiple identifiers (e. g., multiple e-mail addresses). If only one item/good is sold, a bidder cannot make any additional profit by using multiple bids. However, in combinatorial auctions, where multiple items/goods are sold simultaneously, submitting multiple bids under fictitious names can be profitable. A bid made under a fictitious name is called a false-name bid.

Here, use the same model as the GVA section. In addition, false-name bids are modeled as follows.
  • Each bidder can use multiple identifiers.

  • Each identifier is unique and cannot be impersonated.

  • Nobody (except the owner) knows whether two identifiers belongs to the same bidder or not.

The goal is to design a false-name-proof protocol, i. e., a protocol in which using false-names is useless, thus bidders voluntarily...

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  • Makoto Yokoo
    • 1
  1. 1.Information Science and Electrical EngineeringKyushu UniversityFukuokaJapan