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Direct Routing Algorithms

2006; Busch, Magdon-Ismail, Mavronicolas, Spirakis
  • Costas Busch
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Keywords and Synonyms

Hot-potato routing ; Bufferless packet switching; Collision‐free packet scheduling          

Problem Definition

The performance of a communication network is affected by the packet collisions which occur when two or more packets appear simultaneously in the same network node (router) and all these packets wish to follow the same outgoing link from the node. Since network links have limited available bandwidth, the collided packets wait on buffers until the collisions are resolved. Collisions cause delays in the packet delivery time and also contribute to the network performance degradation.

Direct routingis a packet delivery method which avoids packet collisions in the network. In direct routing, after a packet is injected into the network it follows a path to its destination without colliding with other packets, and thus without delays due to buffering, until the packet is absorbed at its destination node. The only delay that a packet experiences is at the...

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