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Dictionary-Based Data Compression

1977; Ziv, Lempel
  • Travis Gagie
  • Giovanni Manzini
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Keywords and Synonyms

LZ compression ; Ziv–Lempel compression ; Parsing-based compression      

Problem Definition

The problem of lossless data compression is the problem of compactly representing data in a format that admits the faithful recovery of the original information. Lossless data compression is achieved by taking advantage of the redundancy which is often present in the data generated by either humans or machines.

Dictionary-based data compression has been “the solution” to the problem of lossless data compression for nearly 15 years. This technique originated in two theoretical papers of Ziv and Lempel [15,16] and gained popularity in the “80s” with the introduction of the Unix tool compress (1986) and of the gifimage format (1987). Although today there are alternative solutions to the problem of lossless data compression (e. g., Burrows-Wheeler compression and Prediction by Partial Matching), dictionary-based compression is still widely used in everyday applications:...


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  • Giovanni Manzini
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