Encyclopedia of Parallel Computing

2011 Edition
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  • Jack Dongarra
  • Piotr Luszczek
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TOP500 is a list of 500 fastest supercomputers in the world ranked by their performance achieved from running the LINPACK Benchmark. The list is assembled twice a year and officially presented at two supercomputing conferences: one in Europe and one in the USA. This list has been put together since 1993.


Statistics on high-performance computers are of major interest to manufacturers, users, and potential users. These people wish to know not only the number of systems installed, but also the location of the various supercomputers within the high-performance computing community and the applications for which a computer system is being used. Such statistics can facilitate the establishment of collaborations, the exchange of data and software, and provide a better understanding of the high-performance computer market.

Statistical lists of supercomputers are not new. Every year since 1986, Hans Meuer has published system counts of the major vector computer...

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