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Robust Electronic Design Reference Book

pp 799-808


  • John R. Barnes


Bonding unites separate conductors into stable, low-impedancecurrent paths for grounds and returns. Low-frequency bonds should have less than 0.5mΩ resistance and 25nH inductance. High-frequency bonds should have less than 80mΩ impedance from direct current (DC) up to 20MHz. Conductors for lightning protection must be at least 12AWG copper or 10AWG aluminum wires, with bonds of at least 5 mm2cross-sectional area. Direct bonds, where the two conductors are in direct contact, are more effective than indirect bonds through bonding straps or jumper wires.

The best permanent, fixed bonds are homogeneous, metal-to-metal connections made by:

  • Welding.

  • Exothermic bonding (such as Cadweld™).

  • Swaging.

  • Brazing.

  • Silver-soldering.

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