Encyclopedia of Coastal Science

2005 Edition
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Dalmatian Coasts

  • Dieter Kelletat
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A Dalmatian coast is a prototype of a primary coast by ingression of the rising postglacial sea into a relief of coast-parallel anticlines and synclines from a young orogenesis ( Holmes, 1965; Kelletat, 1995; Jackson, 1997), and is named after the landscape of Dalmatia (Croatia, former Yugoslavia, Adriatic Sea, Mediterranean). This type of coastline is very rare, a major example may be the Island of Sumatra with the Mentawai Islands strongly parallel in the Indian Ocean. More resistant elongated cuestas may build the island chains instead of anticlines. The narrow channels between these long islands are called “vallone” or “canale” (from the Italian word for channel or valley), and the Dalmatian coast therefore is named a canale- or vallone-coast, as well ( Figure D1). The coastlines of the central part of Croatia, built up mostly by Mesozoic limestones, show only very little forming by true littoral processes. Beaches are missing as well as extended cliffs. The first is because of the...
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