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1. In a system, such as an automatic data processing, communications, computer, information, or control system, a provision for a signal to propagate from one point to another, such as from one circuit, line, subassembly, or component, to another. See alsoautomatic data processing system, circuit, communications system, component, computer system, control system, information system, line, point, propagate, signal. 2. In communications systems, an association established between functional units, such as between computers or telephones, for conveying information between them. See alsocomputer, connector, functional unit, individual line, loop, network interface device, signal, splice telephone.3. In a programming language, an arrangement that permits (a) interaction among computer routines, computer subroutines, and computer program modules and (b) handling procedure call statements that refer to asynchronous procedures. See alsoasynchronous, computer program, computer routine, computer...

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