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1. The operation or function performed by an AND gate. 2. In the Boolean algebra, the Boolean operation that has the Boolean value ONE (1) or TRUE as a result if and only if all the operands have the Boolean value ONE or TRUE. 3. In the relational algebra, an operation that results in a TRUE value if and only if all the operands are TRUE. SynonymsAND operation, intersection, logical AND. Deprecated synonymslogical multiply, logical product. Seenonconjunction. See alsoAND gate, Boolean algebra, Boolean operation, function, gate, gating, operand, operation, OR gate, relational algebra, result, value. 4. The situation in which two or more satellites are in a straight line with their parent body. Note 1: Examples of conjunction are when (a) two or more Earth satellites and the Earth center are in one straight line, i.e., are collinear, and (b) the Sun, Earth, and Mars are collinear. Note 2: The satellites may be on the same side or on opposite sides of the parent body. See alsoEarth, line,...

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