Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science

2001 Edition
| Editors: Saul I. Gass, Carl M. Harris

Networks of queues

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/1-4020-0611-X_667


Many important operational issues in communication and manufacturing systems concern random movements of discrete quantities in networks of service stations with queueing. Examples of such queueing networks are:
  • Computer and telecommunications networks — data packets, read/write transactions, files, or telephone calls move among computers, buffers, operators or switching stations;

  • Manufacturing networks — parts, orders, or material move among work stations, inspection points, AGVs or storage areas;

  • Equipment maintenance networks — parts or sub-systems move among usage sites and repair facilities;

  • Logistics and supply-chain networks — parts, material, personnel, trucks or equipment move among sources, storage depots and production facilities; and

  • Parallel simulation and distributed processing systems — messages, data packets and signals move among buffers and processors.

Other areas in which queueing networks arise include biology (movements of animals, fish or diseases)...
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