The Genus Thermoleophilum

  • Jerome J. Perry


Thermoleophilum, a genus of eubacteria obligate for aerobiosis and thermophily, is distinguished by the ability to grow solely on n-alkane substrates ranging in length from C13 to C20 (Merkel et al., 1978a; Merkel et al., 1978b; Zarilla and Perry, 1984; Zarilla and Perry, 1986). Mud samples obtained from hot springs and from environmental niches generally considered nonthermal have both yielded isolates of Thermoleophilum. Thermal elution profiles of DNA duplexes delineate two species within the genus, T. album and T. minutum (Zarilla and Perry, 1984; Zarilla and Perry, 1986). The sequence of 16S rRNA from T. album strain NM indicated that these bacteria are unique phylogenetically (C. Woese, personal communication). Further study (Brown and Haas, 1997) placed this genus in a grouping with the green nonsulfur bacteria (Fig. 1). Then the gene sequence that encodes RNase P RNA was cloned and RNA transcribed from this clone was catalytically active in vitro when...


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